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Priminox Overseas is a well-known distributor and supplier of which falls into the moderate to poor machining ability category due to its durability. The product separation depends on the chief completion of Copper Nickel 70 / 30 Tubes with least burr at the edge. Fouling on intakes and intake screens can restrict water flow in Cu-Ni 70 / 30 Tubes and if detached cause blockages to heat exchangers or cause mechanical damage to pumps and valves. Copper Nickel 70 / 30 Seamless Pipes are ductile enough in nature, have low temperature co-efficient of electrical resistance, and can be hardened only by cold working. Few features of Copper Nickel 70 / 30 Welded Pipes are not sufficient for various operations which are appreciably improved by adding different elements. The 30 % nickel alloy in Copper Nickel 70 / 30 Seamless Tubes is stronger and can withstand higher seawater velocities but, for most applications, the Cu-Ni 90 / 10 provides good service at a lower cost and of the two alloys tends to be the one that is more widely used. The alpha dendrites in the cast structures of Copper Nickel 70 / 30 Welded Tubes contain a large amount of nickel starting from the center up to the edge of the dendrite. Common applications for Cupronickel 70 / 30 Pipes Tubes include: valves, fittings, pump components, flanges and a number of other marine hardware components.

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Priminox Overseas is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Cu-Ni 70/30 Pipe and Tube. Our Pipes and Tubes are being designed as per the national and international quality standards. We use the standards quality of raw materials for Tube and Pipe manufacturing. We are also making sure that our manufactured pipes and tubes should be durable and of high quality. We manufacture these products in so many shapes and sizes as per the requirements of our esteem clients. We are the customer-centric organization, so we always focus on the satisfaction of our clients. We are also offering these Pipes and Tubes at reasonable prices. Our manufactured Cu-Ni 70/30 Pipe are having so many valuable characteristics. These Pipes and Tubes are superior in general resistance to crevice corrosion and stress corrosion. These Pipes and Tubes are also having excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in seawater, powerful pitting, resistance, easiness of fabrication and building and many more. Our high-grade Cu-Ni 70/30 Tubes has many features and qualities which make perfect for industrial use. We are offering these Pipes in the required amount.

We, Priminox Overseas, are having the manufacturing unit in the same organization where we do the production of these Cu-Ni 70/30 Tube. We are having so many modern and big machinery in our manufacturing unit, for the production of these Pipes and Tubes. We also do the maintenance of our exiting machinery from time to time to maintain efficiency and also to produce the better quality of these Pipes and Tubes.

We are manufacturing Cu-Ni 70/30 Tube under the strict supervision of our expert members so that we can eliminate the defects and produce the best quality of these Cu-Ni 70/30 Pipe. Our expert members do check the quality standards of these products at the time of the manufacturing process. They also help our employees in the organization when our employees seek any help.

We, Priminox Overseas, also does the packaging of these Cu-Ni 70/30 Tube with the best quality of packaging materials. At reasonable rates, we are providing excellent quality Tubes and Pipes with proper packing, fast shipping, and with many beneficial services.

70 / 30 Copper Nickel Pipe and Tube Specification

Trade nameCopper Nickel 70 / 30 Pipe and Tube
SPECIFICATIONS ASTM B111, B151, B466, B467 / ASME SB 111, SB 151, SB 466, SB467
SIZE1/2″ TO 6′ IN OD & NB IN Various SWG & SCH
OUTER DIAMETER4.00 to 22.00 mm
WELL THICKNESS Between 0.15mm and 1.50 mm
SCHEDULESCH20, SCH30, SCH40, STD, SCH80, XS, SCH60, SCH80, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160, XXS
TYPESeamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated / LSAW Pipes
LENGTHSingle Random, Double Random & Cut Length or As per customer’s requirement (Maximum upto 7 meters)
FORMRound Pipes/Tubes, Square Pipes/Tubes, Rectangular Pipe/Tubes, Coiled Tubes, “U” Shape, Pan Cake Coils, Hydraulic Tube

Equivalent Grade of Cupro Nickel 70-30 Pipe and Tube

Cupro Nickel 70/30C715002.0882

Ready Stock of Copper 70 / 30 Pipe and Tube

Cupro Nickel seamless Pipe

70 / 30 Seamless Pipe

Copper Nickel 70-30 Seamless Pipe
70 / 30 Cupro Nickel Seamless Pipes
UNS C71500 Seamless Pipes
AISI 70 / 30 Seamless Pipe
2.0882 Seamless Pipes
ASTM B466 70 / 30 Seamless Pipe
ASME SB 466 70 / 30 CuNi Seamless Pipes

CU NI Welded Pipe

70-30 Welded Pipe

Copper Nickel 70-30 Welded Pipe
70 / 30 Cupro Nickel Welded Pipe
UNS C71500 Welded Pipe
AISI 70 / 30 Welded Pipe
2.0882 Welded Pipe
ASTM B466 70 / 30 Welded Pipe
ASME SB 466 70 / 30 CuNi Welded Pipe


70 / 30 ERW Pipe

Copper Nickel 70-30 ERW Pipe
70 / 30 Cupro Nickel ERW Pipes
UNS C71500 ERW Pipes
AISI 70 / 30 ERW Pipe
2.0882 ERW Pipes
ASTM B466 70 / 30 ERW Pipe
ASME SB 466 70 / 30 CuNi ERW Pipes

70 / 30 Seamless Tube

Copper Nickel 70-30 Seamless Tubes
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Seamless Tubes
UNS C71500 Seamless Tube
Cupro Nickel 2.0882 Seamless Tubing
Cu-Ni 70/30 Seamless Tubing
70/30 CuNi Seamless Tubes
ASTM B466 Cu-Ni 70-30 Seamless Tubing
ASME SB466 70/30 Copper Nickel Seamless Tubes

CU NI Welded Tube

70-30 Welded Tube

Copper Nickel 70-30 Welded Tubes
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Welded Tubes
UNS C71500 Welded Tube
Copper Nickel 2.0882 Welded Tubing
Cu-Ni 70/30 Welded Tubing
70/30 CuNi Welded Tubes
ASTM B466 70-30 Cu-Ni Welded Tubing
ASME SB466 70/30 Copper Nickel Welded Tubes


70 / 30 ERW Tube

Copper Nickel 70-30 ERW Tubes
Cupro Nickel 70/30 ERW Tubes
UNS C71500 ERW Tube
Copper Nickel 2.0882 ERW Tubing
Cu-Ni 70/30 ERW Tubing
70/30 CuNi ERW Tubes
ASTM B466 70-30 Cu-Ni ERW Tubing
ASME SB466 70/30 Copper Nickel Welded Tubes

ASME SB466 70 / 30 CuNi Pipe and Tube Price

ASTM B466 70 / 30 Pipe and Tube : FOB Price US $1,500.00-$3,000.00 / Ton
70-30 Cupro  Pipe and Tube :  FOB Price US $1,000.00-$3,000.00/ Ton
CuNi 70 / 30 Round Pipe and Tube :  FOB Price US $800.00-$5,800.00/ Ton
ASTM B466 70 / 30 BA Polishing Seamless Copper Pipe and Tube : FOB Price US $1,799.00-$1,999.00/ Ton
ASME SB466 70-30 Cu-Ni Pipe and Tube : FOB Price US $1,000.00-$4,000.00/ Ton

Copper 70 / 30 Pipe and Tube Chemical Composition

Cu 70/3065.0 min0.05 max1.0 max 0.4-1.01 max29 – 33

ASTM B466 70-30 Pipe and Tube Mechanical Properties

DensityMelting PointMin.Tensile (KSI)Min.Yield (KSI)Elongation
0.323 lb/in3 at 68 F2260 F50000 psi20000 psi30 %

Widest Stock of 70 / 30 Copper Nickel Pipe and Tube

Suppliers Stockist and Distributors Of World's Top 10 Manufacturers Of Copper Nickel 70 / 30 Pipe and Tube

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Application of Copper 70-30 Pipe and Tube

Oil & Gas Industry 80%
Chemical Industry 70%
Power Plants Industry 85%
Nuclear Plants Industry 90%
Ship Building Industry 75%
Paper & Pulp Industry 65%

Manufacturer Copper Nickel 70 / 30 Pipe and Tube

The list of top cities in India
New DelhiAhmedabadJaipurSuratSalemGandhinagar
BhubaneswarVijaywadaFirozabadBokaro Steel CityRajkotBharuch

ASTM B466 70 / 30 Pipe and Tube Distribution Network

Poland, Thailand, Gabon, India, Tibet, Australia, Nigeria, Angola, Sri Lanka, Libya, Hong Kong, Mexico, Kuwait, Switzerland, Bhutan, Bulgaria, Nepal, Singapore, China, Kenya, Croatia, Japan, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago,Tunisia, Egypt, France, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, United Kingdom, Austria, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Ecuador, Nigeria, Chile, Czech Republic, Philippines, Iran, Chile, Netherlands, Canada, Namibia, Norway, Puerto Rico, Yemen, Romania, Mongolia, Brazil, Costa Rica, South Korea, Finland, Lithuania, Italy, Qatar, Colombia, Russia, Lebanon, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Belgium, Taiwan, Poland, Macau, Israel, Serbia, Malaysia, Germany, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Ireland, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Turkey, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Oman, Belarus, Gambia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Morocco, Greece, Spain, Pakistan, United States, Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, Algeria, Argentina, Hungary, Denmark, Estonia, Vietnam

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