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Inconel / Incoloy Product

Priminox Overseas is leading manufacturer, supplier and manufacturer of seamless pipes, welded pipes, tubes, forged fittings made on Inconel material

What is Inconel ?

Inconel is a superalloy that has been used since the 1940s. It is best known for its use in high temperature and corrosion resistant environments, like the chemical process, nuclear power plant, and aerospace industries. Developed by International Nickel Company (INCO), Inconel alloys are created by combining nickel, chromium, iron, and aluminum. INCONEL® alloy 600 is made of 67% nickel, 27% chromium, 6% iron, and 2% aluminum. To find out more about  products details or to buy Inconel product contact us today!

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Seamless & Welded Tubes
Forged Fittings
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Half & Full Coupling
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