Tube Fittings

Tube Fittings

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Types Of Tube Fittings
The Double Ferrule Fittings are also considered to be the most weldable of the high-alloy steels and can be welded by all fusion and resistance welding processes. Compression Tube Fittings is often used as a material of construction up to about 1500 Degree F. Benefits of using Tube Fittings include higher carbon content gives the material greater heat resistant qualities. Ferrule Fittings is a modification of the most widely utilized “18-8” chromium-nickel.

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Priminox Overseas is a known stockist of Compression Tube Fittings, which is defined as a Chromium-Nickel austenitic alloy. Compression Tube Fittings has excellent corrosion/oxidation resistance thanks to the chromium content. Tube Fittings also has excellent resistance to a wide range of atmospheric environments and many corrosive media. Ferrule Fittings has excellent forming and welding characteristics. Compression Tube Fittings, the low carbon version, does not require post-weld annealing and so is extensively used in heavy gauge components. Tube Fittings a lower carbon variant of Grade, where the steel can be welded without the resulting issue of carbon precipitation, since precipitation of chromium carbide as heat is applied during the welding process which depletes the chromium element of the steel thus reducing its anti-corrosive/oxidation effectiveness.

High Pressure Tube Fittings Specification

Trade name Tube Fittings
Size : 1/16″ to 1″ (3mm to 25.4mm)
END CONNECTION : 1/16” to 1″ (NPT, BSP, BSPT, UNF, ISO, SAE, Socket Weld & Plain End)
PRESSURE RATING: Upto 2000 to 6000 PSI
TYPE Tube to Union Fittings, Tube to Male Fittings, Tube to Female Fittings, Tube to Pipe Fittings, Tube Fitting Accessories
Forms Female Connector, Female Bulkhead Connector, Female Run Tee, Female Branch Tee, Male Tee, Street Tee, Female Tee, Female Cross, Female Elbow, Male Elbow, Street Elbow, Female Elbow, 45º Street Elbow, Male Female Adapter, Bushing, Hex Coupling, Reducing Hex Coupling, Hex Nipple, Reducing Hex Nipple, Female Cap, Allen Key, Union Joint Ball, Blanking End, Blanking Plug, Tube Nut, Front Ferrule, Back Ferrule, Union Tee, Bulhead Union, Union Elbow, Reducing Elbow, Union, Union Cross, Male Connector, Male Bulkhead Connector, Male Elbow, Male Elbow 45 Degree, Male Branch Tee, Male Tube Adapter, Female Tube Adapter
Ferrule Fittings

Ready Stock of Instrumentation Fittings

Compression Fittings

Compression Tube Fittings

Stainless Steel Compression Tube Fittings
Duplex & Super Duplex Steel Compression Tube Fittings
Inconel Compression Tube Fittings
Hastelloy Compression Tube Fittings
Monel Compression Tube Fittings
Nickel Alloy Compression Tube Fittings
Titanium Compression Tube Fittings
Cupro Nickel Compression Tube Fittings

Ferrule Fittings

Ferrule Tube Fittings

Stainless Steel Ferrule Tube Fittings
Duplex & Super Duplex Steel Ferrule Tube Fittings
Inconel Ferrule Tube Fittings
Hastelloy Ferrule Tube Fittings
Monel Ferrule Tube Fittings
Nickel Alloy Ferrule Tube Fittings
Titanium Ferrule Tube Fittings
Cupro Nickel Ferrule Tube Fittings

Instrumentation Fittings

Instrumentation Tube Fittings

Stainless Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings
Duplex & Super Duplex Steel Instrumentation Tube Fittings
Inconel Instrumentation Tube Fittings
Hastelloy Instrumentation Tube Fittings
Monel Instrumentation Tube Fittings
Nickel Alloy Instrumentation Tube Fittings
Titanium Instrumentation Tube Fittings
Cupro Nickel Instrumentation Tube Fittings

Compression Tube Fittings Price

Compression Fittings : FOB Price US $1,000.00-$3,200.00 / Ton
Ferrule Fittings : FOB Price US $800.00-$3,000.00/ Ton
Instrumentation Fittings : FOB Price US $800.00-$5,800.00/ Ton
Double Ferrule Fittings : FOB Price US $1,299.00-$1,999.00/ Ton
High Pressure Tube Fittings : FOB Price US $1,100.00-$5,000.00/ Ton

Widest Stock of Ferrule Tube Fittings

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Application of Tube Fittings

Oil & Gas Industry 90%
Chemical Industry 75%
Power Plants Industry 65%
Nuclear Plants Industry 50%
Ship Building Industry 79%
Paper & Pulp Industry 55%

Stockist of Tube Fittings

The list of top cities in India
New DelhiAhmedabadJaipurSuratSalemGandhinagar
BhubaneswarVijaywadaFirozabadBokaro Steel CityRajkotBharuch

Tube Fittings Distribution Network

Mexico, Namibia, Colombia, Morocco, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Estonia, Chile, Ireland, Yemen, Bhutan, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Vietnam, Greece, Turkey, Bahrain, Gabon, France, Costa Rica, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, Austria, Germany, United States, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mongolia, Croatia, Ukraine, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Belgium, Indonesia, Russia, Slovakia, Iraq, Poland, Gambia, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Spain, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Denmark, Nigeria, Tibet, Malaysia, Kuwait, Libya, Kenya, Macau, Israel, Afghanistan, Egypt, Philippines, Italy, Hungary, Tunisia, Norway, Qatar, Canada, Poland, Nepal, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea, Chile, Portugal, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Angola, Oman, Azerbaijan, India, Ecuador, Iran, Sweden, Iran, Finland, Lebanon, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Mexico, Ghana, Peru, Jordan, Netherlands, Algeria

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