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Manifold Valves

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Manifold Valve
Priminox Overseas is a noteworthy manufacturer, supplier, stockist and exporter of Instrumentation Manifolds in Mumbai, India. We fabricate these Instrumentation Manifolds using premium quality raw materials and the latest technology under the guidance of our professional team in compliance with globally accepted quality standards. Instrumentation manifolds combine several valves into a single structure with multiple attachments. By bleeding, blocking, and calibrating pressure instruments, this piece of equipment aids them in calculating and equalizing loads, differential pressures, static, gauge, and variable in process instrumentation lines. Manifolds combine various features into a single product and are available in a variety of design to fit numerous applications.

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The horizontal style manifold and the vertical style manifold are the two major used forms. The direction of the valve’s main body is determined by these styles. Manifolds have a number of blocks and isolate valves, as well as openings for threaded or flange pipe links, all on a single body. The number of block and isolate valves is determined by the function of the manifold.

When considering whether or not to use a manifold in your method, there are some benefits to remember. Because of their small dimensions, they are perfect for confined spaces. They have a more lightweight, simplified structure, which lowers costs and connections. With fewer connections, there is a reduced risk of leakage, which tends to minimize repair time and costs. The structure of the system is improved as there are fewer connections.

High Pressure manifold Valves Specification

Trade name Manifold Valves
Standard : DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards.
Pressure rating : up to 6000 psig @ 100° F (414 barg @ 38° C).
Size Range : 1/8 to 1”, Custom Sizes available on request
Temperature : up to 1200°F(648 °C)
Connections : Thread, Weld or Tube End
Manifold Valve

Ready Stock of Manifold Valves

block & Bleed

Block and Bleed Manifold

Stainless Steel Block and Bleed Manifold
Duplex & Super Duplex Steel Block and Bleed Manifold
Inconel Block and Bleed Manifold
Hastelloy Block and Bleed Manifold
Monel Block and Bleed Manifold
Nickel Alloy Block and Bleed Manifold
Titanium Block and Bleed Manifold
Alloy Steel Block and Bleed Manifold

2 Valve Manifold

2-Valve Manifold

Stainless Steel 2-Valve Manifold
Duplex & Super Duplex Steel 2-Valve Manifold
Inconel 2-Valve Manifold
Hastelloy 2-Valve Manifold
Monel 2-Valve Manifold
Nickel Alloy 2-Valve Manifold
Titanium 2-Valve Manifold
Alloy Steel 2-Valve Manifold

3 Valve Manifold

3-Valve/5-Valve Manifold

Stainless Steel 3-Valve / 5-Valve Manifold
Duplex & Super Duplex Steel 3-Valve / 5-Valve Manifold
Inconel 3-Valve / 5-Valve Manifold
Hastelloy 3-Valve / 5-Valve Manifold
Monel 3-Valve / 5-Valve Manifold
Nickel Alloy 3-Valve / 5-Valve Manifold
Titanium 3-Valve / 5-Valve Manifold
Alloy Steel 3-Valve / 5-Valve Manifold

Widest Stock of Manifold Valves

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Application of Manifold Valves

Oil & Gas Industry 90%
Chemical Industry 75%
Power Plants Industry 65%
Nuclear Plants Industry 50%
Ship Building Industry 79%
Paper & Pulp Industry 55%

Stockist of Manifold Valves

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