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Priminox Overseas is a known exporting unit of Stainless Steel Studs, which has good resistance to biofouling. Our ASTM Stainless Steel Gr. A2-50 Studs exhibits corrosion resistance similar to copper, a high general strength and good fatigue strength. Even though it is primarily used for its corrosion resistance in seawater, these ASME Stainless Steel Gr. A2-70 Studs also has an inherent high resistance to macrofouling. In addition, our EN Stainless Steel Gr. A2-80 Studs also comprises of manganese, iron and tin to enhance the certain features, moreover the casting alloys as well consist of niobium and silicon. Key Features of these BS Stainless Steel Gr. A4-50 Studs include High ductility and toughness, Inherent resistance to biofouling, Excellent resistance to erosion and corrosion in seawater, Excellent fabrication and welding properties, and Retention of mechanical properties down to cryogenic temperatures. In seawater system design, our GB Stainless Steel Gr. A4-70 Studs are used in tubular heat exchangers and condensers, piping and high pressure systems. These JIS Stainless Steel Gr. A4-80 Studs have very good resistance to seawater, brine water, organic compounds, salts, diluted non - oxidizing acids, and more. Our DIN Stainless Steel Gr. 200 Series Studs is often used for Heat exchangers and condensers, Desalination units, Sea water pipework, Tubes for power plants and ships, Offshore fire water systems, Pumps, valves, sheathing and fittings for ship hulls. Additions of iron significantly improve the resistance of these SS Studs to erosion corrosion in flowing seawater and other aggressive waters.

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ASTM / ASME Studs Specification

Type : Fastener Studs
Standard :ASME, ASTM, EN, BS, GB, DIN, JIS, etc
Size :M 02 to M 160
Diameter :1/4” to 2 1/2”
Length :3 mmto 200 mm
Order : Accept custom order
Grade :A2-50, A2-70, A2-80, A4-50, A4-70, A4-80, 200 series

Stainless Steel Fasteners Studs

Material Stainless Steel Fastener Studs Size
Standard & Specification Stainless Steel Studs Manufacturer
Stainless Steel
High Tensile
Nickel Alloy
Alloy Steel
Mild Steel
M02 to M33 3 mm
200 mm
Sundaram Precision
EBY Fastener Etc.

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Approved in The Following Top Refineries Across The Globe

SABIC Approved ASME Studs

SABIC (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Aramco Approved ASTM Studs

Aramco (Saudi Arabia)

ALBA Approved EN Studs

ALBA (Saudi Arabia)

QAFCO Approved BS Studs

QAFCO (Qatar)

Maaden Approved GB Studs

MAADEN Saudi Arabia)

KNPC Approved DIN Studs

KNPC (Kuwait)

KOC Approved JIS Studs

KOC (Kuwait)

Qatar Petroleum Approved A2-50 Studs

Qatar Petroleum (Qatar)

PDO Approved A2-70 Studs

PDO (Oman)

ADNCO Approved A2-80 Studs


ORPIC Approved A4-50 Studs

ORPIC (Oman)

Takreer Approved A4-70 Studs

Takreer (Abu Dhabi)

YASREF Approved A4-80 Studs

YASREF (Saudi Arabia)

Petrobras Approved 200 Series Studs

PetroBras (Brazil)

PETRONAS Approved ASME Studs

PETRONAS (Malaysia)

NIOC Approved ASTM Studs

NIOC (Iran)

NPDC Approved EN Studs

NPDC (Nigeria)

EGPC Approved BS Studs

EGPC (Egypt)

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