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Priminox Overseas is a known manufacturer and exporter of NICKEL ALLOY ASTM PLATES, which is slightly stronger and equally as corrosion resistant in a wide variety of environments. Nickel Alloy ASTM B463 Plates is often used in Chemical Processing & Chlorate Manufacturing, Desalination, Architecture, Medical, Power, Generation, Marine, Hydro Carbon Processing, Automotive, Aerospace.

Nickel Alloy ASTM B575 Plates is needed in applications in which high strength is required: Airframe components, Cryogenic vessels, Heat exchangers, CPI equipment, Condenser tubing, Surgical hardware, Pickling baskets, etc. Nickel Alloy ASTM B753 Plates exhibits the BCC allotropic form, where elements used in this alloy are one or more of the following other than titanium in varying amounts. Nickel Alloy ASTM F1684 Plates can easily be cold rolled, but cold drawing is very difficult because of frequent seizing on the die. Nickel Alloy AMS 5545 Plates offers an excellent combination of high strength and toughness, which further has good welding and fabrication characteristics. Nickel Alloy AMS 5712 Plates is highly resistant to many chemical environments including oxidizing media, alkaline media, organic compounds and acids, aqueous salt solutions, and wet or dry hot gases. NICKEL ALLOY AMS 5800 PLATES gives excellent corrosion resistance, despite the reactivity of the metal, where the oxide layer forms spontaneously and rapidly on exposure to the atmosphere. The physical properties of Nickel Alloy AMS 5608 Plates are summarized, from which it can be seen that there is little variation from one alloy to another.

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Priminox Overseas manufactures a wide variety of Nickel Alloy Plate. Our company is the largest producer of this plate. We offer these plates according to the international and national standards. Our professional engineers utilize the quality raw material to provide an exceptional finished product to our customers. These Nickel Alloy Plate are used in many industrial applications. Because of the highly responsible exporter, our products are high in demand and used widely. Some of the features of our high-grade Nickel Alloy Plates are such as possessing High tensile strength, good dimensional accuracy, resistance to general corrosion, pitting/oxidation, Ability to hold high temperature, Non-corrosiveness, Rugged construction, Long-lastingness and many more features. Our clients are getting a perfectly suitable solution for us. We are providing such beneficial plates to our buyers in the required amount.


We, Priminox Overseas, are having highly operational manufacturing unit, the development of these high-grade of plates is done under the proper supervision of our experts. The development of these sheets is done by using the superior quality of alloy that is well tested and is approved for the use in the development of these nickel alloy plate. Our engineers are always focusing on fulfilling the national and international standard.

Our engineers and experts are focused on all the stages of the production unit. They are timely supervising and guiding the workers to work in the way to achieve the organizational goal.

Our engineers are developing a whole range of Nickel Alloy Plate are done at our manufacturing unit is under the tight supervision of professional experts. We are designing and fabricating this product by keeping in mind the national and international standard.At our highly operational plant, various testing is conducted. We do check the quality of these plates at every stage of the production cycle. We have hired an excellent team of quality checkers. They are performing various tests to check the superiority of the product produced by the unit. And then we deliver these plates to our customers with proper packaging and using the fastest transportation medium to deliver these plates to our esteem customers without any delay and damages.

Nickel Alloy Plate Specification

Item Nickel Alloy Plates
Standard ASTM B-463, ASME SB-463, ASTM B-575, ASME SB-575, ASTM B-753, ASTM F-1684, MIL-I-23011, AMS 5545, AMS 5712, AMS 5800, AMS 5712, AMS 5608, AMS 5772, AMS 5609, ASTM B-162, ASME SB-162, AMS 5533, ASTM B-127, ASME SB-127, AMS 4544, QQ-N-281, ASTM B-168, ASME SB-168, AMS 5540, MIL-N-23228, MIL-T-23227
Width 120-1460mm
Length 210-1600mm
Type Hot Rolled HR Plate, Cold Rolled CR Plate, Flat-Rolled Plates, Chequered Plate

Physical Properties of Nickel Alloy Plate

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 8.89 g/cm3 0.321 lb/in3
Melting point 1325 °C 2417 °F

Ready Stock of ASTM B467 Nickel Alloy Plate


Hot Rolled Plate

Hastelloy C22, C276 HR Plate
ASTM B127 Monel 400 Hot Rolled Plate
Inconel Alloy 600, 601 690, 693 Hot Rolled Plate
ASTM B162 Hot Rolled Nickel Alloy 200 Plates
Incoloy Alloy 800,800H,800HT,825 HR Plate
Nickel Alloy Hot Rolled Plates Supplier
Alloy 20 HR Plate


Cold Rolled Plate

Monel 400 Cold Rolled Plates
Inconel Alloy 600, 601 690, 693 2B Finish Plate
Nickel Alloy 200 CR Plates
Hastelloy Alloy C22, C276 Hot Rolled Plates
Incoloy Alloy 800,800H,800HT,825 Hot Rolled Plates
Nickel Alloy CR Plates Supplier
Alloy 20 Cold Rolled Plates


Chequered Plate

Monel 400 Chequered Plate
Inconel Alloy 600, 601 690, 693 Checker Plate
Nickel Alloy 200 Chequered Plate
Hastelloy Alloy C22, C276 Chequered Plate
Incoloy Alloy 800,800H,800HT,825 Chequered Plate
Checker Plate in Aluminium Alloy
Nickel Alloy Chequered Plates Supplier
Alloy 20 Chequered Plates

ASTM B463 Nickel Alloy Plates Price

ASTM B463 Nickel Alloy Plates: FOB Price US $500.00-$2,200.00 / Ton
Nickel Alloy Plates:  FOB Price US $800.00-$4,000.00/ Ton
ASME SB 463 Nickel Alloy :  FOB Price US $800.00-$4,800.00/ Ton
ASME SB 463 Nickel Alloy Plate : FOB Price US $1,299.00-$2,999.00/ Ton
ASTM B463 Nickel Alloy Plates: FOB Price US $900.00-$4,000.00/ Ton

Nickel Alloy Plate Chemical Composition

Element Content (%)
Molybdenum, Mo 15-17
Chromium, Cr 14.5-16.5
Cobalt, Co 2.5 max
Manganese, Mn 1
Vanadium, V 0.35 max
Silicon, Si 0.08 max
Phosphorus, P 0.04 max
Sulfur, S 0.03 max
Carbon, C 0.01 max
Nickel. Ni 62.5-67.5


Properties Metric Imperial
Tensilee strength 740.5 MPa 107400 psi
Yield strength 347 MPa 50300 psi
Elastic modulus 205 GPa 29700 ksi
Elongation at break 67% 67%

WIDEST STOCK OF ASTM B463 Nickel Alloy Plates

Approved In The Following Top Refineries Across The Globe

Application of Nickel Alloy Plates

Oil & Gas Industry 82%
Chemical Industry 87%
Power Plants Industry 74%
Nuclear Plants Industry 70%
Ship Building Industry 84%
Paper & Pulp Industry 65%

Manufacturer Nickel Alloy Plates

The list of top cities in India
New DelhiAhmedabadJaipurSuratSalemGandhinagar
BhubaneswarVijaywadaFirozabadBokaro Steel CityRajkotBharuch

ASTM B463 Nickel Alloy Plates Distribution Network

Peru, Belgium, Iran, Brazil, Serbia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Ecuador, Algeria, Mexico, Iraq, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Belarus, Bahrain, Tibet, Bhutan, Bolivia, Norway, Chile, Hungary, Israel, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Namibia, Portugal, Iran, Malaysia, Macau, Lebanon, Morocco, Finland, Sweden, Singapore, Poland, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Ghana, South Africa, Italy, New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, Yemen, Qatar, Pakistan, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Bulgaria, Oman, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Gambia, India, Lithuania, Estonia, Tunisia, Venezuela, Denmark, Gabon, Romania, United States, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Angola, Japan, Mongolia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Nepal, Azerbaijan, Russia, South Korea, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe, China, France, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Jordan, Egypt, Australia, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Greece, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Libya, Trinidad and Tobago

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