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Monel Dish Ends
Hemispherical Monel Dish End
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Priminox Overseas is a recognized exporter and manufacturer of Monel Dish Ends, which makes this steel highly corrosion resistant in the form of the stainless steel series and many PH grade stainless alloys. Monel SEMI ELLIPSOIDAL Dish Ends is the main ingredient in the Earth's core, where near the surface it is found as a ferrous or ferric compound. Normally Monel TORISPHERICAL Dish Ends is found as hematite ore in the ground, where some meteorites contain iron in the form of rare minerals. Priminox Overseas is one of the pioneer exporting house and supplier for high quality Monel FLAT BOTTOM Dish Ends, which is marketed on an out-dated myth that it does not have flaws but that welded has an inherent flaw throughout the length of each tube, as stated above. Intuitively Monel HEMISPHERICAL Dish Ends is easily accepted by purchasers and designers with limited experience with the various products. Each product form and manufacturing method of Monel FLOATING HEADS Dish Ends has its own inherent problems and potential defects. The simplest way to solidify liquid Monel LADLE BOTTOM FOR EAF Dish Ends is to pour it into heavy, thick - walled iron ingot moulds, which stand on stout iron plates called stools. We use the finest quality of raw material to produce Monel Alloy Dish Ends, which is being certified. The uses of Monel Alloy SEMI ELLIPSOIDAL Dish Ends include fracture critical airframe structures and for offshore tubulars.

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Monel Dish Ends Specification
(Crown & Petal type)
Inside Diameter 2000 mm to 16,000 mm 100 mm to 5200 mm
Nominal Thickness 20 mm to 150 mm 20 mm to 120 mm
Type of Dished-Ends (i)Semi Ellipsoidal
(ii) Torispherical
(iii) Flat Bottom
(iv) Hemispherical
(v) Floating Heads
(vi) Ladle Bottom for EAF
(i)Semi Ellipsoidal
(ii) Torispherical
(iii) Flat Bottom
(iv) Hemispherical
(v) Floating Heads
(vi) Reverse Flanged
Material Monel
Grade Monel Alloys Grade 400, K500

Types of Monel Dish Ends

Monel Dish Ends

Monel Dish Ends

Monel Semi Ellipsoidal Dish Ends

Monel Torispherical Dish End

Monel Flat Bottom Dish Ends

Monel Hemispherical Dish Ends

Monel Floating Heads Dish End

Monel Ladle Bottom Dish End For EAF

Grade 400 Monel Crown Dish Ends

Monel Single Piece Dished End

Monel 400 conical knuckled Dish End

Monel K500 Pressure Vessel Dished Ends

Monel Industrial Dished Ends

Monel 400/k500 Petal type Dish Ends

Grade K500 Monel Fabricated Dish End

Monel Customized Dish Ends

Monel Cold Forming Dish End

Monel Hot Forming Dish Ends

Approved in The Following Top Refineries Across The Globe

SABIC Approved Monel Dish Ends

SABIC (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Aramco Approved Monel Alloy Dish Ends

Aramco (Saudi Arabia)

ALBA Approved Monel Semi Ellipsoidal Dish Ends

ALBA (Saudi Arabia)

QAFCO Approved Monel Torispherical Dish Ends

QAFCO (Qatar)

Maaden Approved Monel Flat Bottom Dish Ends

MAADEN Saudi Arabia)

KNPC Approved Monel Hemispherical Dish Ends

KNPC (Kuwait)

KOC Approved Monel Floating Heads Dish Ends

KOC (Kuwait)

Qatar Petroleum Approved Monel Ladle Bottom For EAF Dish Ends

Qatar Petroleum (Qatar)

PDO Approved Monel Alloy Semi Ellipsoidal Dish Ends

PDO (Oman)

ADNCO Approved Monel Alloy Torispherical Dish Ends


ORPIC Approved Monel Alloy Flat Bottom Dish Ends

ORPIC (Oman)

Takreer Approved Monel Alloy Hemispherical Dish Ends

Takreer (Abu Dhabi)

YASREF Approved Monel Alloy Floating Heads Dish Ends

YASREF (Saudi Arabia)

Petrobras Approved Monel Alloy Ladle Bottom For EAF Dish Ends

PetroBras (Brazil)

PETRONAS Approved Monel Dish Ends

PETRONAS (Malaysia)

NIOC Approved Monel Dish Ends

NIOC (Iran)

NPDC Approved Monel Alloy Dish Ends

NPDC (Nigeria)

EGPC Approved Monel Dish Ends

EGPC (Egypt)

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