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Priminox Overseas is a known stockist and supplier of Manganese Plates, which have high resistance to sea water environments. Manganese EURONORM Plates are thermally stable and possess moderate strength even when the temperature is high. In seawater system design, these Manganese Din 1.3401 Plates are used in tubular heat exchangers and condensers, piping and high pressure systems. The introduction of electric furnace melting in foundries led to enhanced interest in Manganese X120Mn13 Plates, particularly the alloy containing around 2 % Cr. Owing to their rigid construction, precise dimensions, excellent performance, high conductivity and corrosion resistance, these Manganese DIN W1.3401 Plates find applications in diverse industries. With the increase in exposure time to seawater inoculated with Manganese AFNOR Plates, the impedance and phase angle peak decreased. These Manganese X120Mn13 Plates has excellent mechanical & magnetic properties, high thermal & electrical conductivity, and anti-corrosive. ASTM A128 Manganese Plates is easy to bend and has very high corrosion resistance, but there is concern about its low corrosion-fatigue strength. The addition of iron in these ASME SA 128 Manganese Plates helps grain refining and increases the erosion resistance with flowing seawater. ASTM A128 Manganese Gr. B2 Plates is also used in Plumbing, Machinery & equipment, Heat exchanger tubes, Steam tubes, Power plants, Ship building & ship repairs, Condensers, Distillers, Evaporators, etc. These Manganese Steel Plates have applications in the handling of hot brines, and are frequently employed in condenser and heat exchangers for tubes.

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Manganese Plate Specification

Type : Manganese Plate
Standard : EURONORM 1.3401 – X120Mn13, DIN W1.3401, AFNOR X120Mn13, ASTM A128 Gr B2
Size : 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1-1/4", 2"
Thickness : 3mm-600mm
Width : 48", 60", 72", 96"
Length : 120", 144", 240"

Manganese Plate
High Manganese Steel Jaw Plates
Manganese Steel Castings Plates

Manganese Steel Plates - STANDARDS

1.3401 – X120Mn13 X120Mn13 W1.3401 A128 Gr B2

Chemical Composition :

Elements High Manganese Steel Sheets Plates
Carbon: 1.13
Manganese: 13
Sulphur 0.003
Phosphorus: ≤0.20
Silicon: 0.40

Mechanical Properties :

  Hardness HB Yield Strength MPa UTS MPa El% KCV 20°C (68°F) - J
Typical Values 220 380(55 KSI) 940(136 KSI) 40 ≥ 112 J(≥ 83 ft.lbs)
Guaranteed Values* 180/245 350(51 KSI) 800(116 KSI) 30 64 J (47 ft.lbs)

Physical Properties :

Density * Expansion Coeff.
Electrical *
Thermal *
Magnetic *

7.88 10 -6°C1

10 -60°F-1
J/Metric Kg. °C


W/m. °C


Types of Manganese Plates

Manganese Plates

High Manganese Steel Plates

Hadfield Manganese Steel Plates

12-14% Manganese Plate

11- 14% Manganese Steel Plates

Aluminum Steel Tread Plate

ASTM A128 / A128M Manganese Plates

ASME SA128 Steel Castings Manganese Plates

ASTM A128 Gr.B2 Austenitic Manganese Steel Plates

Manganese EURONORM 1.3401 – X120Mn13 Plates

Manganese AFNOR X120Mn13 Plates

DIN W1.3401 Manganese Plate

BS EN 10204 manganese steel plate

High Mn AR(Abrasion Resistance) plates

High Manganese Steel jaw plates

Manganese wear Resistance plates

Manganese wear plate

High Manganese Cryogenic Steel plates

Approved in The Following Top Refineries Across The Globe

SABIC Approved Manganese Plate

SABIC (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Aramco Approved Manganese EURONORM Plate

Aramco (Saudi Arabia)

ALBA Approved Manganese Din 1.3401 Plate

ALBA (Saudi Arabia)

QAFCO Approved Manganese X120Mn13 Plate

QAFCO (Qatar)

Maaden Approved Manganese Steel Plate

MAADEN Saudi Arabia)

KNPC Approved Manganese DIN W1.3401 Plate

KNPC (Kuwait)

KOC Approved Manganese AFNOR Plate

KOC (Kuwait)

Qatar Petroleum Approved EURONORM 1.3401 – X120Mn13 Manganese Plate

Qatar Petroleum (Qatar)

PDO Approved ASTM A128 Manganese Plate

PDO (Oman)

ADNCO Approved ASME SA128 Manganese Plate


ORPIC Approved Manganese ASTM A128 Gr B2 Plate

ORPIC (Oman)

Takreer Approved Manganese Plate

Takreer (Abu Dhabi)

YASREF Approved Manganese ASME SA128 Grade B2 Plate

YASREF (Saudi Arabia)

Petrobras Approved Din 1.3401 Manganese Plate

PetroBras (Brazil)

PETRONAS Approved X120Mn13 Manganese Plate

PETRONAS (Malaysia)

NIOC Approved DIN W1.3401 Manganese Plate

NIOC (Iran)

NPDC Approved AFNOR Manganese Plate

NPDC (Nigeria)

EGPC Approved EURONORM Manganese Plate

EGPC (Egypt)

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