INCOLOY 800 TUBING Properties Characteristics And Applications


Are you searching for a reliable, durable alloy with versatile properties that can withstand the toughest environments? Look no further than INCOLOY 800 Tubing. With its superior resistance to heat, oxidation, corrosion and ageing, this tubing is widely used in many industries, from power generation to pharmaceutical production. Not incredibly strong and adaptable, but several unique characteristics are not found in other metals, whichmakingdeal for various applications. In this blog post, we’ll explore the properties, characteristics and applications of INCOLOY 800 Tubing so that you can determine if it’s right for your specific application needs.


INCOLOY 800 Tubing is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy designed for use in applications that require superior corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and strength. It has excellent mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures up to 1177F (630C). Its high chromium content gives it excellent resistance to oxidizing acids like nitric acid and reducing acids like sulphuric acid. Additionally, INCOLOY 800 Tubing provides good creep and rupture strength, making it well-suited for high-temperature applications, including petrochemical plants, pressure vessels, power plants, and many more. The alloy also maintains its shape under thermal cycling conditions, which makes it an ideal choice for condenser tubing in the nuclear industry.

Properties of Incoloy 800 tubing:

Incoloy 800 tubing is an alloy of nickel, chromium, and iron. It provides superior corrosion resistance and heat-resisting properties in many industrial environments. In addition to its excellent oxidation resistance when exposed to high temperatures up to 1150⁰C/2100⁰F in air, it also offers outstanding strength and general durability due to its high nickel content. The thermal conductivity of Incoloy 800 tubing permits faster heat transfer than other alloys and makes it ideal for applications that require the rapid transfer of large amounts of energy without suffering from metal fatigue or deterioration. It also excels in strength against hydrogen embrittlement cracking, stress-rupture properties, mechanical properties at both high & low temperatures (cryogenic), ease of fabrication, formability, weldability & machinability. Furthermore, Incoloy 800 tubing is often cost-effective compared with other alloys, such as stainless steel, making it a great choice for industries looking for a quality product at lower costs.

Characteristics of Incoloy 800 tubing:

Incoloy 800 tubing is a versatile material that can be easily fabricated, heat treated, and welded. It can also be cold-worked and formed using conventional methods. Incoloy 800 tubing has a face-centred cubic (FCC) crystal structure and is non-magnetic at room temperature. It has a good thermal expansion coefficient, making it ideal for high-temperature furnace equipment, heat exchangers, and steam generators.

Applications of Incoloy 800 tubing:

Incoloy 800 tubing is widely used in various high-temperature applications, including heat exchangers, petrochemical processing plants, power generation facilities, and industrial furnace equipment. It is also used in aerospace, food processing, and chemical manufacturing industries. Incoloy 800 tubing is particularly useful in applications where corrosive gases, hot water, steam, and other chemicals are present at high temperatures.

Benefits of Incoloy 800 tubing:

Incoloy 800 tubing provides many benefits, making it a popular choice for high-temperature applications. Its excellent corrosion resistance, combined with high thermal and mechanical properties, makes it an ideal material for use in harsh environments. In addition, it has good resistance to oxidation, carburization, and nitridation, which makes it ideal for use in applications where exposure to high temperatures and corrosive gases is present.


In conclusion, Incoloy 800 tubing is a popular nickel-iron-chromium alloy with many desirable properties and characteristics. It is widely used in various high-temperature applications where exposure to corrosive gases and harsh chemicals is present. Its excellent thermal and mechanical properties, combined with good corrosion resistance, make it an ideal material for use in harsh environments. If you are looking for a tubing material that can withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion, Incoloy 800 tubing should be on your list of options.

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