Guide to E350 BR Grade Plates

Nunch Of E350 BR Grade Plates

Mild Steel Plates

Mild steel is primarily composed of iron and carbon. As carbon concentration increases, a plate becomes harder and stronger. In addition, after being rolled into sheets, they have an AISI number imprinted on them, indicating how much heat treatment they received. Mild steel plates are galvanized steel sheets used in various building applications. As a result, it can easily be mounded into any shape to meet the needs of the construction operation. As it can be easily cut and drilled, it is used in various applications. 

Properties of E350 BR Grade Plates

Nowadays, IS 2062 E350 B/BR Plates are in high demand and successfully used in various applications and industries. Using superior raw materials, these plates are designed to meet all the demands and requirements that take in the plates for further use in various applications. Due to the good qualities these plates possess, they are utilized in numerous industries. It possesses the following qualities:

  • High tensile strength
  • Durability
  • Excellent Flexibility
  • Excellent Weld ability
  • Maximum Form ability
  • High Reliability
  • Easy to Maintain

Due to their high strength, which makes them durable, the plates can even withstand high temperatures and pressures. However, it is required that this IS 2062 standard be followed when producing high-tensile and hot-rolled steel plates.

Characteristics IS 2062 E350 B Plates

It is highly ductile and can deform without ever breaking or becoming damaged. It is hard, as well as having a lot of energy.  Rusting is not an issue because E350 grade steel is resistant to corrosion. The higher the temperature, the stronger and more effective it gets. Steel has value in addition to strength. For instance, ornamental steel with a high carbon content is frequently used. Despite being too flimsy to serve as structural support, the darkly coloured steel has a distinctive and attractive appearance. 

Applications of IS 2062 E350 Mild Steel Plates

  • Constructing Initiatives
  • Commercial Structures
  • Projects being worked on at the housing complex

When it comes to the construction of buildings, mild steel is an indispensable partner because of its special qualities that cannot be found in wood or any other material. Mild steel is highly favored for building frames because of its extraordinarily high strength. Mild steel is also advantageous for use in construction because it complies with stringent seismic or wind requirements, cannot be harmed by insects, and is resistant to rot and fire.

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