A Guide to Choosing the Best IS 1239 ERW Pipes for Your Project

A Guide to Choosing the Best IS 1239 ERW Pipes for Your Project

In engineering, the quality of materials used in any project can never be compromised. Choosing the right pipes, particularly, is crucial – as pipes form the backbone of any infrastructure. If you’re looking for the best IS 1239 ERW pipes for your project, you’ve come to the right place! This article will give you an in-depth guide on choosing the best IS 1239 ERW pipes to provide stability and safety to your project.

What is IS 1239 ERW Pipes?

IS 1239 ERW Pipes are pipes manufactured according to the IS (Indian Standard) 1239 specifications. They are Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipes of medium thickness, with a diameter ranging from 15mm NB to 300mm NB and a wall thickness between 2.00mm- 5.4mm. These electrically welded pipes are made using MS Strips and designed for low-pressure applications such as irrigation, agricultural activities, water supply systems, etc.

IS 1239 ERW Pipes provide long-lasting performance due to their good quality and ductility properties, allowing them to resist corrosion and impacts from external weather conditions or hazards like earthquakes or cyclones. The high-precision dimensions of these pipes make it easier to join procedures while providing enhanced durability regardless of their environment. Furthermore, the availability of this pipe in various sizes makes it easy for users to choose one that best suits their requirements in terms of length, different diameters and wall thicknesses, thereby reducing wastage operations during installation and production stages, saving both time and money

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best IS 1239 ERW Pipes for Your Project

Material Quality and Grade:

When selecting IS 1239 ERW pipes for your project, the first factor to consider is the material quality and grade. ERW pipes are normally made of mild steel, ensuring strength and durability. The grade of the material will determine its strength and ability to withstand pressure. IS 1239 ERW pipes should meet IS 1239 Part 1 standards, which means they should have a minimum tensile strength of 410 MPa and a minimum yield strength of 235 MPa.

Pipe Diameter and Wall Thickness:

The pipe’s diameter and wall thickness will determine its durability, pressure-handling capabilities, and strength. Consider your project specifications and flow requirements to determine the correct pipe diameter. The wall thickness must also be considered to ensure your pipes can handle the required pressure. Following the industry standards, IS 1239 ERW pipes’ schedule ranges from Schedule 40, 80, and 160, with higher schedules being thicker for more pressure resistance.

Length and End Finishes:

Pipe lengths and end finishes are another crucial factor when selecting pipes for your project. It would help if you considered pipe lengths to avoid wastage and minimize the number of joints needed to connect each pipe. With IS 1239 ERW pipes, the standard length ranges from 6 to 7 meters. These pipes’ end finish includes either plain, bevelled, or threaded ends to facilitate the connection of pipes.

Cost and Availability:

Cost and availability are factors that should always be considered. Consider the entire project cost, which includes pipes, transportation, and storage. Compare prices from different suppliers to identify the most cost-effective. On the other hand, availability in the market also plays a significant factor; you would not want your project to stall due to unavailability or substandard replacement of pipes. Double-check the supplier’s credentials and certifications to ensure genuine products.

Certified Quality:

Finally, select IS 1239 ERW pipes that meet industry standards and are certified. Manufacturers of ERW pipes must provide certifications such as Mill Test Certificates for chemical and physical properties, Hydrostatic Test Certificates, and Non-Destructive Test Certificates to guarantee the quality and fitness of the pipes for usage.


Your piping system is integral to the safety and success of your project. Selecting the right IS 1239 ERW pipes for your project can save you money and ensure maximum strength, durability, and pressure resistance. With this comprehensive guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge to choose the highest quality pipes available and ensure a successful project.

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