5 Facts You Need To Know About Stainless Steel Tubes

5 Facts You Need To Know About Stainless Steel Tubes

You may not know everything there is to know about metal alloys and their properties unless you are a metal maestro. And there are several materials from carbon steel to cast iron to stainless steel when it comes to choosing Tubes for hydraulic, pneumatic or other industrial projects. Why not measure up the pros and cons of the metal and its properties when choosing which is the best metal for your project?

But before you get confused by alloy grades and chemical properties, let us help you structure your perspectives on Stainless Steel Tubing with some must-known information.

  • Strength & ductility: Stainless steel provides superior strength and better mechanical properties than other Tube options including carbon steel and cast iron Tubes. Even at extreme temperatures, stainless steel Tubes retain high tensile and stress-to-rupture strength. And since stainless steel is as sturdy as it is, the walls of stainless steel Tubes can be made thinner, providing it a better ductility.
  • Resistance: Due to its chromium, nickel and molybdenum content, stainless steel Tubes typically offer greater resistance to corrosive materials, oxidation, erosion and high-temperature resistance than most other Tubes. And since it resists corrosive agents such as those frequently contained in seawater conditions so well, stainless steel Tubes are a premium option for shipbuilding and maritime applications.
  • Heat Treatability & Welding Capabilities: Some stainless steel alloys, such as 410, can be heat treatable. This may be beneficial when stainless steel Tubes need to be changed to obtain some physical or chemical properties. Several stainless steel sheets can also be quickly welded to different shapes and sizes.
  • Versatility: Thanks to its strength, ductility, toughness, corrosion resistance and lower friction coefficient, Stainless Steel Tubes work for a wide range of applications.
  • CostEffectiveness: One of the most appealing advantages for professionals in the hydraulic and pneumatic industries is the fact that stainless steel Tubes cost less to maintain and because of their long service life they can save you money over time. Also, these Tubes are easily 100 percent recyclable.

So stainless steel Tubing the best choice for your project. These Tubes are available in a variety of grades Stainless Steel 304 Tubes and Stainless Steel 316 Tubes are the most commonly used grades.

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