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ASTM A387 Gr.5, 9, 11, 12, 22, 91 Plate, Low Alloy Steel Plates, ASME SA387 Grade Plate, A387 Boilers And Pressure Vessels Steel Plate

Priminox Overseas is among the leading supplier, exporter, and stockist of Alloy Steel Plates of national and international quality standards. The introduction of chrome molybdenum increases the materials temperature tensile strength making it an excellent choice for elevated temperature environments. ASTM A387 steel plates are typically applied in the temperature range from 316 to 593. The elevated temperature properties of these alloy steel plates are still of particular usage, now, ASTM A387 Grade P5 Plates are manufactured to be fine grain, low silicon, low sulfur, calcium treated and occasionally produced Q&T to give the highest levels of toughness.

Alloy Steel Grade P22 Plates has some excellent features to offer such as flexibility, durability, abrasion-resistant, and power saving features, rustproof, dimensional accuracy, consistent performance, leak-proof, corrosion resistance, high strength, thermal resistance, chemical resistance, excellent finish and more. Alloy Steel P5 Plates are used in some typical applications such as in Chemical and allied industries, Pressurized vessels, Heat exchangers, Ducting and pipe works, Food and dye production, Gas applications, Fabricators, Industrial boilers and other severe environments, Tanks, Pickling racks, Flanges, Fitting & Valves, and so on.

ASTM A387 Steel Plate, ASME SA387 Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Steel Plates Stockists, ASTM A387 Grade Plate Dealers, A387 Grade 5/9/11/12/21/22/22L/91 Class 1 and CL 2 Plates, ASTM A387 Welded Steel Plates

ASTM A387 / ASME SA387 Alloy Steel Plate Specification

Standard : ASTM A387 / ASME SA387
Steel Grade : Grade 2, Grade 12, Grade 11, Gr.22, Gr.22L, Gr.21, Gr.21L, Gr.5, Gr.9, Gr.91
Thickness : 5-100mm
Width : 1000mm, 1500mm, or as required
Length : 2000mm, 4000mm, or as required
Delivery state : Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled
Application : steel boiler plate, pressure vessel plate

ASTM A387 Gr. 5, 9, 11, 12, 22, 91 Alloy Steel Plates Equivalent Grades

GRADE A387 5 SA387 5 X12CrMo5 --- ---   15KH5M
GARDE A387 9 SA387 9 --- --- ---    
GRADE A387 11 SA387 11 13CrMoSi5-5 --- 621B    
GRADE A387 12 SA387 12 13CrMo4-5 13CrMo44 620B 15CD2.05 12KHM
GRADE A387 22 SA387 22 10/11CrMo9-10 10CrMo9-10 622-515B 12CD9-10 10KH2M
GRADE A387 91 SA387 91 10CrMoVNb9-1 ---      

ASTM A387 Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition of ASTM A387 Alloy Steel Plates, %
Grade UNS C Mn P S Si Cr Mo Others
Grade 5 S50200 ≤0.15 0.25-0.66 0.025 0.025 ≤0.55 3.90-6.10 0.40-0.70 -
Grade 9 K90941 ≤0.15 0.25-0.66 0.025 0.025 ≤1.05 7.90-10.10 0.85-1.15 *A
Grade 11 K11789 0.04-0.17 0.35-0.73 0.025 0.025 0.44-0.86 0.94-1.56 0.40-0.70 -
Grade 12 K11757 0.04-0.17 0.35-0.73 0.025 0.025 0.13-0.45 0.74-1.21 0.40-0.65 -
Grade 22 K21590 0.04-0.15 0.25-0.66 0.025 0.025 ≤0.50 1.88-2.62 0.85-1.15 -
Grade 22L K21590 ≤0.12 0.25-0.66 0.025 0.025 ≤0.50 1.88-2.62 0.85-1.15 -
Grade 91 K90901 0.06-0.15 0.25-0.66 0.025 0.012 0.18-0.56 7.90-9.60 0.80-1.10 *B

*All values are minimum unless a range is provided or otherwise specified and shall be based on product analysis.
*A – V:≤0.05; B – Ni:≤0.43,V:0.16-0.27,Co:0.05-0.11,N:0.025-0.080,Al:≤0.02,Ti≤0.01,Zr≤0.01.
*All values in both *A & *B shall be furnished with the unit "%".

Mechanical Property

ASTM A387 Mechanical Properties
Grade Class Tensile Strength
(Mpa) min.
Yield Strength
(MPa) min.
Elongation in 2 inches
(%) max.
ASTM A 387 Grade 5 Class 1 415-585 205 18
ASTM A 387 Grade 5 Class 2 515-690 310 18
ASTM A 387 Grade 9 Class 1 415-585 205 18
ASTM A 387 Grade 9 Class 2 515-690 310 18
ASTM A 387 Grade 11 Class 1 415-585 240 22
ASTM A 387 Grade 11 Class 2 485-620 310 22
ASTM A 387 Grade 12 Class 1 380-550 230 22
ASTM A 387 Grade 12 Class 2 450-585 275 22
ASTM A 387 Grade 22 Class 1 415-585 205 18
ASTM A 387 Grade 22 Class 2 515-690 310 18

Types of Alloy Steel ASTM A387 Gr. 5, 9, 11, 12, 22, 91 Plate

ASTM A387 Alloy Steel Plate

ASME SA387 chromium-molybdenum alloy steel plates

ASME SA387 Chrome Moly Plate

ASTM A387 Pressure Vessel Plates

ASTM A387 Hot Rolled Steel Plates

ASTM A387 Cold Rolled Steel Plates

ASTM A387 Steel Plates

ASTM A387 Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Plate

ASTM A387 / A387M Welded Boiler Steel Plate

ASTM A387 Grade 5 Alloy Steel Plates

ASTM A387 Grade 9 Steel Alloy Plate

ASME SA387 Gr.11 Pressure Vessel Steel Plate

ASTM A387 Grade 12 Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Plate

Alloy Steel ASTM A387 Grade 22 Plate

Chrome Moly EN 10028 Steel Plate

Alloy Steel A387/SA387 Grade 91 Plates

Approved in The Following Top Refineries Across The Globe

SABIC Approved Alloy Steel Plate

SABIC (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Aramco Approved Alloy Steel Plate

Aramco (Saudi Arabia)

ALBA Approved Alloy Steel Plate

ALBA (Saudi Arabia)

QAFCO Approved Alloy Steel Plate

QAFCO (Qatar)

Maaden Approved Alloy Steel Plate

MAADEN Saudi Arabia)

KNPC Approved Alloy Steel Plate

KNPC (Kuwait)

KOC Approved Alloy Steel Plate

KOC (Kuwait)

Qatar Petroleum Approved Alloy Steel Plate

Qatar Petroleum (Qatar)

PDO Approved Alloy Steel Plate

PDO (Oman)

ADNCO Approved Alloy Steel Plate


ORPIC Approved Alloy Steel Plate

ORPIC (Oman)

Takreer Approved Alloy Steel Plate

Takreer (Abu Dhabi)

YASREF Approved Alloy Steel Plate

YASREF (Saudi Arabia)

Petrobras Approved Alloy Steel Plate

PetroBras (Brazil)

PETRONAS Approved Alloy Steel Plate

PETRONAS (Malaysia)

NIOC Approved Alloy Steel Plate

NIOC (Iran)

NPDC Approved Alloy Steel Plate

NPDC (Nigeria)

EGPC Approved Alloy Steel Plate

EGPC (Egypt)

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